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Monday, December 28, 2009

Best Thing I Learned in 2009

The Veil of illusion was lifted for me in 2009. In fact, before 2009, I'm not even really sure I knew what was meant by "illusion" or the significance of the Veil. I "get" it now. It all comes down to Perception.

What do you see?

Some people see two faces and some people see a vase. Some people see ugly faces, while some people see pretty faces. Is the vase pretty or ugly in your view?

All of my life I have seen myself as generous, kind, loving, and accepting. In fact, I would say I have been all of those things as I live my life, teach my yoga classes, and run my yoga studio. I am proud of who I am and what I have done for others. It seems, however, some people may view me as something contrary to my own view. Others may actually perceive me as a fake, aloof, or even ugly. I am not certain how my actions can be so skewed in someone else's view, but indeed they can and have been. While 2009 slapped me a few times in the face and kicked me even more times in the stomach with this other "reality" that was out there, I simply would never have believed someone could view me as anything other than generous, kind, loving, and accepting.

While speaking to my teacher, he explained to me how my actions and my intentions may be viewed by others and how some people would rather view me negatively, especially if it meant they could get out of paying some Karmic debt they thought they owed me. Apparently being kind actually can mean you are trying to get something from someone in some people's view, being Generous can look like a form of control, being loving can come off as fake, and being accepting comes off as a lie to others (In other words, how can anyone possibly accept someone just as they are?). Perception all depends on the person and their life experience.

I have always believed that my looks do not match up to my inner most feelings. Kind of like this poster (This may be an extreme example, but I feel the perception some people have about me is in EXTREME opposition to what I truly have going on inside of me):

So, while I have learned that all of the world actually is an illusion and we must all try and see through the Veils we have created and placed upon ourselves and others, what is truly important is this:


T said...

Um... not to toot my own horn but...


I'm pretty sure I said the same thing to you over a nice pineapple curry.

Seriously, just come to my Course in Miracles class. You are SO ready.

Love you long time.

jindi said...
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Eco Yogini said...

I am a fan of the kitten-lion poster. awesome.

I agree with you on being surprised as how others see me or think of me. We judge others so quickly.....