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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Politics: Spine Bending Left, Right, or Center?

Who is bending their hearts towards whom in this crazy election?

It’s Dirty Ya'll!

One has to admit it is a bit exciting, but some people are taking differences of opinions all too personally, causing energy-rifts in the yoga studio which totally funks up the one-ness vibe. My intuition tells me there are many yogis out there with unbalanced Crown Chakras, as they defend their chosen candidate with the force equal to an elephant falling out of Sirsasana onto a mouse in Balasana. Are we not aware our voices set the vibrational tone of our room and ultimately our entire planet? This must be why politics is considered one of the “forbidden subjects” if we want to refrain from squashing our friendships like the helpless mouse.

My opinion (because I know you’re dying to hear it): I believe in the freedom of Being and in Being. That we find acceptance for ourselves and others so that the one-ness vibe I alluded to above permeates our surroundings and ultimately the planet.

If yoga teaches us that our birthright is Bliss, then why do we disregard or worse yet, judge others for their opinions? Our Opinions are created through our life experience. It is estimated that there are 6.7 Billion people on our planet; this means there are 6.7 billion different life experiences, so any two year old can do the math and see that well, we will be havin us some debates here and there. The key is to come from love and knowledge (e.g. knowledge that we are all ONE and what I do or say affects EVERYONE), rather than coming from hate and fear. While we can not control what happens on November 4th, we CAN control our thoughts and reactions. Love and knowledge cultivates more love and knowledge, while hate and fear breeds even more hate and fear.

It seems, more often than not, yogis bend their hearts more towards the left for Obama. I even found this bumper sticker!

I did not find any Yoga Instructors for Mccain bumper stickers. This seems unfair. I live in Texas, I know there are at least SOME conservative yoga teachers out there bending toward the right.

I will share my choice in this election, as I am going with the candidate who most resonates with my life experience. It is nether Mccain or Obama. It is Bob Barr, the Libertarian candidate. I'm bending towards the middle.

For the next week the theme in my yoga class will be compassion. Our backbends will come from the heart and love; acceptance will fill our studio. I fully intend to do my part to keep the peace and teach that we can not control that which we fear. What will be, will be and we take it from there.

Can we not see the Divine Light in each candidate?

I will leave you with two happy pictures of both top candidates and more importantly, as quote from my seven year old son who has decided who he will vote for all on his own.

“I think Obama will win because he says things nice.”

This is HIS experience and his experience is no more or no less important than yours or mine. I will not judge him for it and neither should anyone else.

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T said...

WOW! I love this post! Totally resonates with me. Gosh, we would be really good friends, don't you think? ;)

Oh and I love the bloggy look!