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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Facebook, A Networking Contradiction

 More often than not, I hear people complain about FB more than anything and I get it. In a way, life was easier before FB, things were more hidden and our world was smaller. Now, everything is in your face and sometimes your face is kissed and squeezed and other times your face is down-right slapped. It happens to ALL of us. So, here are a few of my thoughts and what I find is, the same things that we love are the same things that piss us off. Kinda like when you've been married for awhile. What you love most about your spouse becomes the source of some of your biggest challenges.

FB is AWESOME Because:

1) We get to Brag 
2) We get Attention
3) We connect with Old Friends
4) We Network
5) We Plan Events with Easy Invite Blasts
6) We get recipe ideas
7) We can vent our frustrations and get validation
8) We can Check-In Places to show people all the cool things we get to do
9) We love all of the awesome comments people leave us
10) We can be connected to all, we are all one

FB Pisses us off Because:

1) People Brag
2) We don't get enough attention, but can see others getting attention on the side bar ticker after we just posted an Epic post!
3) Our Old Friends only post about empty toilet paper rolls & the hot dog they had for lunch 
4) People Over-Network selling themselves or their product & they are better at it than we are
5) We see invites to parties and events we didn't receive
6) We feel insecure about our eating habits and feel judged for them
7) People vent entirely too much, complainers...ugh
8) Check-ins show the truth of where people really are when they cancel plans with you
9) We don't like comments people leave us speaking the truth so we delete them out of anger and truth denial
10) FB is still like 6th grade, it's clearly cliquish 

 How can I make this about Yoga? Well, personally I seek the truth and within constant contradiction I can see the truth about myself and others. AAhhhh....sweet, painful, yet beautiful  clarity. We are all walking contradictions, which means we are the same (see number 10 of why FB is AWESOME).


Bridget said...

Ha! This. Is. Awesome. But only because it is so true. And like all things we take the good with the bad. I get it. We all survived without facebook. Some of us still survive without it or are surviving again without it. But I do agree that it sure does connect us all, too. And I am just gonna keep being me, on and off fb, and hope that works. Love your post!

YogaforCynics said...

One thing I love about Facebook:
reconnecting with people from my past.
One thing I hate about Facebook:
reconnecting with people from my past.