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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Declaring Technology My Zen Kill

I am addicted to the convenience of technology and while I appreciate the opportunity it provides me to multi-task like an Octopus on Crack, it's getting in the way of my Zen (whatever that is, I don't really remember anymore).

So, in order to prepare for my 108 Days of Svadhyaya beginning Sept. 6th, I am purging situations in my environment that no longer serve me and the first thing to go is the FB application on my phone. I just removed it {bites fingernails and considers assuming the fetal position and rocking back and forth in a nearby corner}. I'm also no longer going to be using my phone while driving. This simply means, no more texting, emailing, or even talking on the road. I'm going to be present with everything I do, so when I am driving, I will be driving (and singing most likely...I won't give up singing). I do realize I will need to leave my phone far away from reaching distance in the beginning in order to resist that instant urge to pick it up and "get ahead" by doing two or three things at once and because I know this, I will leave it in the trunk of the car until all urges pass and I drive, fully present, just like I used to in the Olden Days before smart phones existed {looks up thinking about the good ol Olden Days}.

So, I am declaring my phone EVIL, or at least, not healthy for the 108 Days of Svadhyaya I am about to embark upon. It does not serve me, it never has, I just never felt sick enough to do anything about it. Not being present causes my anxiety and the anxiety is telling me I am sick. So phone, it's not me, it's you. Actually, it is me, not you, but I am breaking it off. It's over. You will see much less of me. Everyone will see much less of me, but I'm setting this boundary and I'm worth it.

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BJ said...

Zen kill! Love it. Yes, what happened in the day when we were actually AT the store & no one could reach us? Or REALLY listening when our kids told us the endless(ly fascinating) tales of the lunchroom? I hope you don't mind if I Steya this idea & follow suit on the Facebook phone thang. Thank you for the permission to be non tech once again. aaahhhh.