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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Favorite Game to Play in 2009 (Church of Christ Driving Game)

Back in the day, to pass the time, we played Slug Bug while driving.

The rules were simple:

Use your fist to punch your opponent when you saw a VW Beetle! If you punch first, you win a point! The one with the most points wins...nothing (except maybe a less bruised body).



Equaled Hours O Fun!

Today, one can not find many bugs, so my husband and I thought it would be fun to make up a similar game using something we see a lot while we drive around these parts. We are in Texas, there are many Churches, so we chose Churches as our subject. We found we were hitting each other a little too frequently, so narrowed the topic to Churches of Christ only, as to honor Ahimsa(Non-harm).

While searching for Christmas gifts, I think I found the perfect gift for my husband, in honor of the game we love to play so much.


T said...

LMAO! That's hilarious! One of my Course students gave me a button that I LOVE. It says, "Jesus loves you. But I'm His favorite!"

Dr. Jay SW said...

I never even heard of the slug bug game growing up. Then, a couple times, as a young adult, friends started playing it with me by hitting me in the arm when I wasn't expecting them, but it ended when I let them know I'd hit back regardless of whether there was bug to be seen.

Given what I suspect is taught in a lot of those churches, they might actually approve of your long as you hit a homosexual, Muslim, or woman who engages in sex outside of marriage...

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