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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Best of Review for 2009, Let Us Begin

Thanks to Gwen Bell I am going to take on the challenge of reviewing the past year. I'm late starting, naturally, but I can always catch up, or not. *I'm also going to relate every post to yoga in some way. Easy. Let us begin.

1. Best Trip of 2009

Since opening my yoga studio a little over two years ago, my family and I have not had the opportunity to travel much at all and when we do, we make it short and sweet. As I went through the boxes of memories in the past year, I realized that we only took two, one to Vegas and another two day trip to Houston to visit my familial units and meet up with my siblings. While I loved Vegas, my husband did not (mainly because he lost and I won), so the trip to Houston wins. This trip to Houston changed the course of my life.

The Impromptu Trip to Houston for the 4th of July was simply a blast. Understand, I do not care for Houston, especially in the sweltering heat and horrible humidity it offers in the dead of summer, but sometimes we sacrifice for the love of family. I can relate the heat of the environment of Houston in the summer to that of a *Bikram Yoga class. See, easy yoga reference.

The beautiful part of this trip is that I have always been up for spontaneous trips, no planning, just hitting the road. My husband, however, needs a plan, a solid plan. This was the 1st trip we ever took without a plan and my husband was calm the entire time, as if he had taken a nurturing, *restorative yoga class, or had enjoyed a few beers. I was so proud of him for going along with this last minute trip and so happy to revisit my spontaneous road trip roots. It felt like going home in more ways than one, a return the spontaneous life I had before adult responsibilities tamed me, while at the same time surrounded by the love of my family. This was the perfect recipe for Bliss!

Before this trip some hurtful things had been happening in my business life and I felt some "growing pains" coming to a head. This trip reminded me what was important. What's more important than Family? In any case, the freedom I felt on this trip released all of my anxiety and brought clarity that I could only ever find in brief moments on my *yoga mat or in the car or shower chanting my heart open.
This trip inspired me to purchase the print from The Story People by Brain Andreas:

"Everything changed the day he figured out there was exactly enough time for the important things in his life."

This trip was the gateway from an old way of thinking, to the new, healthy and balanced way of being.

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jindi said...

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