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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Samarpan Ya'll

Since I was a wee little girl I have expressed myself through drawing & writing. I started out drawing on walls and such, then began keeping a diary in 1st grade which lasted through collage and especially during my divorce at age 25, kept pregnancy journals for both of my children, and at the birth of my 1st child in 2001 I joined an on-line writing community. When I began teaching yoga I kept a teaching journal expressing the trials and tribulations of doing something I never thought I could. I stopped writing a journal a few years ago and began writing yoga class plans instead and reading everything yoga related I could get my hands on. The more I learned, the more I realized I did not know. The path to self-realization became such an obsession that I completely forgot the I AM of myself. Sat Nam!

I decided that the only way to get back to the I AM of myself was to start a journal and refrain from writing anything regarding yoga. I named my first Blog, I AM and the first entry was titled Labelasana. It was all about the labels we place on others, ourselves, and our attachment to them. I noticed that, while I wanted to refrain from yoga-speak, the first entry was, in fact asanad. Hmmm......

I manged to write 3 more entries without yoga language, but with the help of a mojito or 3. Then I over-dosed on Mojitos at a party one night and well, my entries ceased. I just sat there week after week looking at the little hand smudged computer screen not knowing what to do. I kept wanting to wipe clean the monitor and write about yoga.

So, here I am. I still have not wiped clean my children's hand prints, but have decided everything is yoga to me. All of life is yoga: the trees, food, my family, my is all yoga to me.

Samarpan is Sanskrit for surrender. So, I samarpan to the fact that, I am, in fact, going to write a yoga blog. :)

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Anonymous said...

thx for sharing ur lovely journey